Hello, I'm Ian. I'm an inventor. I build rockets. I support STEM. I build robots. I'd love to hear from you. Want me to explain anything. Got a certain math or science problem that's bothering you. Just ask it and I'll answer!

My mind’s gone wibbly, problems of an insomniac.

Ok, so I’m laying here in bed, at three mind you, with not even an ounce of tired in me. This means at least one more hour of awake at the minimum. Naturally I’ll be waking up around eleven. Then, someone is likely to make a comment about me getting up so late. With optimal conditions I’ll get about five and a half hours of sleep. Now I can easily run on that amour of sleep without an issue, it’s just the fact of sleeping in latest but getting least sleep that’s ironic.

Now why, like so many others, do I not sleep? I have all this wonderful tech to keep me distracted, all this sugar to make me forget sleep and a creative mind reminding me I think best at night. I, unlike the average person, can run on very little sleep. That being said, for a large school project last year I counted a total of four and a half log sawing hours in the course of three nights. And still did a presentation the fourth morning without issue.

Now about the title. I’m blasting “The Sun’s Gone Wibbly” and “I Am The Doctor” from the fifth Doctor Who series. It’s a great way to strangle my brain from creating. That sounds bad, but after laying in bed for an hour and a half count sheep one starts to lose it. Also distracts me from the roaring stomach.

Finally, about this blog. I’m Ian, that’s what you can call me. I’m know on some parts of the internet as Nai or KingNai. But here it’s professional. I’m Ian. I’m new to this whole blogging thing. I’m a nerd who doesn’t look it. I run Mac, Windows and Linux. So don’t he trying to type me that way. Fedora is my flavor, Ubuntu is too flashy in my opinion. With my blog I’ll do things like teach you how to install three operating systems on one computer. Show you some fun little math things. And have a gadget Sunday on the first Sunday of every month. Gadget Sunday is a day where I show you how I made a fun little gadget or toy and tell you how to do it yourself.

So, follow me on twitter @inventor_ian, and http://iangoegebuer.tumblr.com, http://Ian.sajasabie.net